Where to Fish?

So you want to know where to fish?

Do you want to experience ultimate heart-pounding excitement by fishing off the Hannibal Bank or Montuosa Island?

Or do you want to stay closer to shore to catch other prize fish?


Central America fishing is hot! And Panama is very hot, especially in the Pacific!

I have spent over 20 years fishing in the Caribbean. There were many wonderful days of fishing, but also many lousy days looking where to fish and "not catching". For years, Panama's secret has been well kept. The difference between Caribbean fishing and Central America fishing in the Pacific is pretty much unexplainable.

Nice Wahoo Panama is so phenomenal that it is home to over 250 IGFA fishing world records. It is famous for its black marlin, 100+ pound yellowfin tuna and grouper.

Fishing in the Republic of Panama , you will encounter sheer quantities of species available like wahoo, mahi mahi, sailfish, several species of tuna, jacks, roosterfish, snappers, barracuda, black Pacific snook, and more.

From Chiriqui, there are several "superb" fishing spots so the difficult part is choosing the spot to go to on that day. Whichever is chosen, Tuna Tango will bring you there in minimal time.

Quaint village of Boca Chica.

view of Boca Chica

It takes about an hour to reach the first fishing spot and a couple of hours to reach the famous Hannibal Bank or Isla Montuosa. We try to give you the best fishing experience possible by choosing the spot where the fish are biting.

It's a mahi mahi because we are right in the middle of a boiling school!

Ladrones Island is very popular for overall fishing and catching. It is not as far away and the fishing is great. Sailfish and marlin come in from the depths, close to this island, as well.

Sailfish pictures
However, if you prefer to fish closer to the shores for barracuda, roosterfish, snappers, black Pacific snook or tarpon, that too, is possible. We can take you inshore fishing or even river fishing. We fish where you want to catch!

Here is a map of Panama showing the fishing spots in Chiriqui which are nicely accessible from Boca Chica.

Panama map and fishing grounds

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