Port of Pedregal

From David, it is a a 10-minute drive to the Port of Pedregal. The Panama marine authorities are located here, as well as a small marina and several boat launches.

Port of Pedregal

This is a key departure point for boats along the Pacific coast. The estuaries and islands leading into Pedregal act as breakers against the heavy tides. There are very few points along the Pacific where boats may come in and out as the coastline is extremely rough. Pedregal is one of the limited ports where boats may launch or depart from.

Typical coastline along Pacific

As the tide rises and falls significantly, it is necessary to consult the tide tables to take advantage of high tide for launching.

The trip from Pedregal to the Pacific can take up to an hour but the scenery is fantastic and it leaves you with the impression that you have really seen a true part of Panama.

From Pedregal to the Pacific
You might see monkeys or three-toed sloths in the trees. You might see some of the traditional locals fishing.

You might see a remote Indian home hidden amidst the forest. Sometimes, you even see dolphins jumping playfully in the estuary. Every trip is an adventure as you never know what you come across on that particular day.

Views along the estuaries

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