Moon Phases

What's all the hype about moon phases? Well a lot of people swear by them but to really understand how fishermen use the moon to decide how they can have better fishing days, read this ezine Using the Moon to Increase your Catch.

The "Best Days" to go fishing on the phases of the moon calendars show the days on which fish will tend to feed more aggressively. Using these phases to plan fishing trips is only one factor in planning a fishing strategy. The fish species, location of fishing grounds, water temperature, season, feeding patterns, etc. all affect when the best time will be to catch.

But, if you really want to know when the moon is full, when it is about to become full or when it is not, the rising and setting times, etc. check out the following:

Coiba Sunrise

Panama Phases of the Moon

Like we said before however, fishing in Panama is good year round and it is extremely rare to have a "skunked" day here.

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