Jack Crevalle

The Jack Crevalle (Caranx hippos) is also referred to as the common jackfish, common jack, Cavally, Cavalla, Horse Crevalle or Toro. This species is thought to occur around the world in tropical and subtropical waters. In the western Atlantic, it can be found from Uruguay to Nova Scotia.Eastern Pacific and Western Atlantic specimens are essentially the same.

The Crevalle has a high blunt head, with small eyes. It is bluish-black or metallic-green above, silvery and sometimes yellowish below. The dorsal fin is dark and the rear fin may be yellowish. It has dark red meat and is not considered to be very edible.

Smaller jacks in the 6 to 7 lb size travel in schools and as they become older and bigger they are found in pods. They seldom linger in one spot for long. In open waters they round up the bait fish into a compact mass, then plow threw them from all sides.

Crevalle are voracious scavengers that will often follow shrimp boats looking for an easy meal. Jacks are also suckers for a good chum-line.

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Whatever lure you use. you should retrieve them faster than normal. Crevalle will slam a plug the instant it hits the water or take it within the first few feet it hits the water. A lure that doodles along is invariably refused. The faster you pull the lure threw the water, the more strikes you will have.

It is most prized as a hard-fighting game fish. When you’ve battled with a 40 lb. Jack you know and feel as if you you’ve been in a fight. Crevalle are a fierce, stubborn and dynamic game fish for trolling, casting, or still fishing with live or cut baits. They are a first class light tackle fish which can be caught on fly, plug or spin gear. If your in a mode for keeping your rod bent, your arms tired and your reel smoking; the Crevalle is just the ticket. Crevalle in the 35 to 40 lb size are common in Panama.

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