There is no Fishing Season Here

The weather in Panama probably defines the fishing season if there really is one. For most of us here, it's year round.

However, some people identify prime time marlin fishing around the drier months during "Panamanian summer". But marlin can be caught year round, not only during the summer months of December through March.

Besides marlin, there are sailfish, wahoo, mahi mahi, roosterfish, yellowfin tuna, jacks, snapper, and on and on.

For sure, you can catch cubera snapper and roosterfish all year round. The excitement of a cubera snapper busting through the surface while inhaling your lure, will leave you in awe.

Or multiple hookups of roosterfish and amberjack keep your memory so fresh that you will want to return again to fish these teeming waters.

Just this August, September and October...we have caught mahi mahi and plenty of it.

panama fishing

panama fishing panama fishing

panama fishing

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