Cubera Snapper

The Cubera Snapper (Lutjanus cyanopterus) or (Pargo) can be dark brown or gray with a possible reddish tinge. Despite its specific name, which translates to "blue-fin," the fins have only a slight tinge of blue. It has canine teeth in both jaws which are very strong. Older snappers have strong enough teeth and jaws to eat lobster.

These fish are often found offshore or near shore over pinnacles, reefs, or wrecks. The young fish stay inshore on grass beds or within the mangroves until they are older.

panama fishing

panama fishing

Since these fish are often found feeding on the reefs, the method used to catch them is using bottom jigs, pargo poppers and even fly fishing. They are very cannibalistic and will eat almost anything alive or dead. Sometimes, cut bait is used by anglers to catch these monsters.

The offshore fishing king of snappers,is the ‘Cubera’. It can grow up to 160 lbs or more and measure over 5 ft in length. Its lifespan can go up to 60 years or more. And although it is a popular fish in Panama,it is not limited to these waters. It can be found worldwide, in tropical oceans.

It is one of the favorites for sport fishing charters and saltwater sportfishing guides everywhere.

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