Blue Trevally

The Blue Trevally or Jack Trevally is also referred to as a bluefin trevally or a bluefin. Its sleek streamlined body is especially designed for speed and agility. The head is slanted downward coming to a pointed snout and the body is a brassy color or gray hues speckled with brilliant blue spots. Its fins are an electrifying blue, giving it its name.

Males are commonly 60 cm (Total Length) in length when caught/marketed, but may be as large as 117 cm (Fork Length). Their average weight is 10 lbs.but in Panama, you will often see much larger bluefins around 30 lbs. or more. They can grow to be 100 cm (3.28 feet) in length.

Giant bluefin trevally

The trevally uses camouflage for added protection from predators. Its magnificent blue color helps it to blend in with the clear blue waters of its habitat. Furthermore, it displays countershading camouflage, which means that its dorsal (top) side is darker than its ventral (bottom) side. If a predator is looking from above, the dark back of the trevally blends in with the dark ocean bottom, but if the predator is looking from below, the lighter belly of the trevally blends in with the glare of the sun and the light coming from above water.

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