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The Panama Fishing Blog is our mini-journal about fishing in Panama, and other interesting events and happenings that visitors will be interested in. It will:

- let you know when there are modifications to any of the Go-Panama-Fishing web pages

- keep you informed of weekly fishing activities, catches and releases

- keep you up to date with any news or happenings in Panama and Chiriqui specifically

moon phases

Moon phases are used to decide when fishing is best. Here, you can see for yourself, when the phases of the moon will be for months ahead.

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fishing stories

Read fishing stories here. This angler had a record breaker black marlin on his second deep sea fishing trip to Panama.

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Fishing the Republic of Panama

Fishing the Republic of Panama - what's it like?

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Contribute to Panama Fishing

Would you like to share your knowledge about panama fishing? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Flights to David

Book one of these flights to David to avoid any layover.

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about the boat

About the boat...

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marine report

Plan your fishing trip by checking the marine report and other tools here.

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Panama inshore fishing

Panama Inshore fishing....if you fish Panama waters, you will find fish everywhere! But what about inshore fishing?

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Hottest time to fish?

We have a lot of people asking us this question. But is the question related to weather, or to the time when "any" fish seems to be biting?

From December to March, is the Panamanian summer and it is also when most visitors seem to visit. This is probably because the visitors want to get away from the Northern winters. Fishing is great during this season, but honestly, it's been great throughout the year.

May and October are rainy months but the fish love rain too.

If you want a little less heat than what the sizzling months of December to March produce, April to September is an excellent time to come and fish.

Panama pretty much "always" has fish.

Nice Mahi Mahi Out of the Blue

Anglers from Argentina were surprised when suddenly out of nowhere, this mahi mahi attacked the line and hooked up. It was nice fight for the young lady.

Tuna running fierce

LB from Connecticut stayed at spectacular Cala Mia resort where Sailfish 1 departed from for two days of fishing. The target fishing grounds included Hannibal Banks, and Montuosa Island. This angler was very lucky when Sailfish 1 found a feeding frenzy of yellowfin tuna. The first day, ten nice-sized fish weighing between 20 - 45 lbs were caught. The following day, several boats were fishing around Hannibal Banks but the fish seemed to be elsewhere. Sailfish 1 took angler LB out to catch some baitfish bonitos. Many of the bonito were grabbed and severed by cubera snapper before they reached the boat. A lot of action with baitfish produced enough to be used for black marlin fishing. However, the black marlin had wandered off around Ladrones Island. The crew of Sailfish 1 spotted boiling waters off Montuosa Island where the sky was also black with birds. Here, LB caught another six 30-40 lb tuna making this a fantastic fishing trip for him. He loved the country music on board too !

Direct Flights from the US to David with TACA Airlines

Effective February 18, 2008 TACA offers direct flights between San Jose and David which will operate four times a week.

Currently, Air Panama flies between San Jose and David, but with TACA also flying, travelers have more options than flying via Panama City.

The **BIG NEWS IS** you can now fly to DAVID in one day from these US cities: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco. There's a short stopover in San Jose, but immigration and entry to Panama is handled in DAVID when you arrive.

For more information, contact TACA airlines at: TACA Airlines website

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Carnival Time

February is carnival time for many countries around the world. Panama is one of them. On Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, Panama has an official holiday. So, the fisherman and crew also took a holiday and headed to Gama Beach. Fishermen love to stop on their last day of fishing for a quick swim off this beautiful tropical beach.

Couple from Spain Take Time out to Fish

This lovely couple was visiting Panama for the 2nd or 3rd time but they had not ever had such a great day fishing as they did on this trip. She caught a nice 14 kilo mahi mahi and he caught several mahi mahi and skip jacks that were used to bait a black marlin. The line screamed three times with a black marlin grabbing the lure. But the black marlin won by spitting it out twice and the third time, yanked the bait and all and got away. Here's a partial view of the trip.

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Angler writes version of his deep sea fishing story.

Read this angler's record-breaking black marlin experience.

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Pacific Sailfish caught the day before, on video

It was a lucky day when we were fishing on the Hannibal Banks. See video coverage of the 140 lb Pacific Sailfish caught by angler J. Snow.

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Black Marlin, Sailfish, Football Tuna...time to retire the lucky pants !

The last three fishing days were so action packed for this angler that he broke three of his personal records. The last was a super surprise: black marlin. In this video you will see him with his lucky pants. After this record breaking hookup and release, the pants are now officially retired.

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