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Fishing the Republic of Panama

panama fishing

A lot of people want to know what's it like fishing the Republic of Panama? We're talking about deep-sea-fishing, saltwater fishing, offshore fishing, sport fishing....whatever.

When asked: "What kind of fishing do you do" or "Where do we go?" or "What will we fish for?"

The answer is: Well, that's up to you. We'll do whatever you want to do.

A lot of fishermen like to hear this and Captain J. strives to please his guests by allowing them to choose their own fishing wishes as they go.

Many know nothing of how great the fishing is in the Republic of Panama. They only think of Costa Rica or Mexico. That's because Panama is still pretty unknown. But when they do finally get here, they are a little more informed and a lot more excited.

They choose Go Panama Fishing to explore their latest fishing dreams.

Kuna Indians

panama fishing

This S-shaped country is created in such a way that the bait fish just love the bays and islands for their breeding and feeding grounds.

Panama's Pacific coast is particularly prolific. In the South Western part of the country, the Bay of Chiriqui has so many excellent fishing spots including:

Ladrones and Montuosa, Secas, Coiba, Jicaron, Paridas. But most famous in this area are the Hannibal Banks.

panama fishing panama fishing

Not only are expectations surpassed when fishing on the Pacific, but inland, you'll be pleasantly surprised. There are numerous freshwater lakes and rivers where avid fly fisherman can test their angling skills for peacock bass, tarpon or snook. Gatun Lake is a super spot for this type of fishing too.

Panama Canal

panama fishing

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