Panama Fishing is the Best in Latin America


Have you wondered what it is like to go on a Panama fishing adventure?

Do you dream of deep sea fishing for giant marlin or huge tuna to catch and release?

Have you fantasized what it would be like to be marlin fishing on the famous Hannibal Banks, Montuosa Island or Coiba like the guys from ESPN and other TV fishing shows?

Imagine catching black marlin or blue marlin, pacific sailfish, giant yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, jacks, roosterfish, cubera snapper....possibly all during the same fishing charter. Sometimes, more than one fish will hook up at the same time. Ok - it's not such a bad fishing day when this happens!

So still think it is impossible? Not at all. Panama has "an abundance of fish" (because that is what Panama means) all year round. It's really amazing!

It is still so virgin and remote here (one might say in the boonies), thus, it's an anglers dream come true. The fish are everywhere and that is why Panama fishing is the best in the world!

TUNA TANGO offers charters with a maximum of four (4) guests on board (for greatest comfort and individual fishing).

TUNA TANGO is a very comfortable and efficient fishing machine. The captain and crew have the experience to make sure you have what you need for a terrific fishing trip! And they can guide you in English *or Spanish*.

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About the boat...
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Your 3 or 5-day fishing package includes fishing boat, equipment, crew and taxes; David airport transfers; and accomodation and meals while fishing.
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The Panama Fishing Blog keeps you up to date with additions and changes to the Go-Panama-Fishing web site as well as events in Chiriqui and Panama(past, present and future).
Where to Fish
Looking where to fish? In Central America, Panama has more than you can imagine. We fish the Hannibal Banks, Montuosa or Ladrones, where the big boys are!
Fishing Panama
Fishing Panama, It's World Class Here!
Marlin fishing
Comparing marlin fishing experiences between Atlantic fishing and Pacific
Catch and Release
Catch and release fishing is widely used for conservation and environmental protection of billfish.
Fishing the Republic of Panama
Fishing the Republic of Panama - what's it like?
Hannibal Bank
The Hannibal Bank is one of the most prolific fishing spots in the world: Hannibal Banks and Piñas Bay.
Panama inshore fishing
Panama Inshore fishing....if you fish Panama waters, you will find fish everywhere! But what about inshore fishing?
fishing stories
Read fishing stories here. This angler had a record breaker black marlin on his second deep sea fishing trip to Panama.
Fishing Season
When is the best fishing season in Panama? This chart guides you but really, it is year round.
fish species
When fishing in Panama, you will find many saltwater fish species. These are identified and defined here.
Tide table
The tide table lists dates and hours of high and low tides on the Pacific coast of Panama. There is also a graphical presentation of the tides.
moon phases
Moon phases are used to decide when fishing is best. Here, you can see for yourself, when the phases of the moon will be for months ahead.
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Plan your fishing trip by checking the marine report and other tools here.
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